Functional Fitness of the South Bay - ABOUT HEIDI - Redondo Beach, CA
Functional Body - The Key to Long term Management of Most Medical Conditions

Heidi Morrison

A  recognized  International Fitness expert and Healer. 
Beginning at the age of 16 and with over 30 years experience Heidi doesn't stop learning and finding the best and most efficient way to help her clients.

 Heidi is passionate about helping people move better, look at their best, feel great, and live a healthier and  happier life.

Heidi successfully integrates Massage Therapy , Corrective Exercise and/or Medical Exercises  into all of her programs to bring the body into good physical alignment.

Heidi believe in the Body-Mind-Soul connection, and  if one of those is not in good balance we will be manifesting pain and /or diseases in our physical, emotional, energetic  and/or mental body.

Heidi uses positive affirmations  to reprogram your mind (MENTAL BODY)  as well 
Meditation and  energy work like  Reiki and Breathwork to clear, re balance and recharge your energy field (SPIRITUAL -EMOTIONAL-MENTAL & PHYSICAL BODY)
Healthy nutrition guidance, body work and the right exercises to balance and strengthen your all of your bodies (physical, mental ,emotional and energetic body).

Heidi will help you to reach a more happy and healthier life!
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist ,
AAHFRP Medical  Exercise Specialist,
M.E.L.T Certified
Massage Therapist
Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner 
Breathwork  and Meditation Facilitator and Teacher
Akashic Records Practitioner 
CPR Certified

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